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Monday, 7 November 2011

Miaow miaow miaow

I'm very tired and can't think of relevant titles for blog posts right now. I can tell you however that I've finished modelling all the buildings for our 3D barrel roll running in place bonanza shot, and I've moved on to trying to work out how to UV map and texture. Not just any texturing either, I'm trying to make the buildings look like 2D images. Not quite as easy as I'd hoped. Here's how I'm currently doing:

All thoughts and feedback appreciated. Here's looking at you, 3D people. By which I mean fellow animator types who are proficient in 3D modelling, etc. Not just people who exist in three dimensions. Although all of you are also welcome to comment, of course. Ahem.


  1. Thinking I might need to give you a different texture for the building. The texture looks too metal like (well considering it is a metal texture..damn) don't hurt me! Also might adjust the pinkish tones of it too.. but that might change if a different texture is used, I dunno.. I'm tired too and ranting now.. dot dot dot. I can mix up some papery ones tomorrow and fling them to you o_o

    Also thinking maybe use a sorta dark blue/purple for the inside of the doors and windows to contrast with the warm tones of outside?

  2. For anyone wondering, all the shading and stuff was done in the texture file. There's no ambient occlusion, and one light, which is an ambient one. Still not 100% sure what I'm doing with lights...

  3. Sure there's definitely one light in there? Looks like the rim is still on around the wood. I think it looks great tbh, the texture could do with a little more tweaking but overall I'd say it's working. It's got a nice 2D feel to it. Just keep in mind as soon as this stuff starts moving it's going to be look 3D. The trick is to make the 2D so awesome that nobody will notice the 3D, re watch the Gobelins Pirates for that mega 3D shot, if you look at the backgrounds you'll see what I mean.

    Did you texture in that shade on one side?

    I'll give you proper feedback tomorrow. I'm tired :(

  4. Yeah, the shade is textured in, as is the rim light effect I think. Wasn't totally sure about that, might take it out. Still tweaking as we speak, we can have a proper chat about it in the morning as you say. Cheers.

  5. The stone texture is too metallic, but I love the wood texture.

  6. could possibly be higher resolution?

  7. I was thinking this as well actually, what size are your textures?

  8. Hi tom,

    This loooks really good. If you really want to sell the 2wd look then you could try the following.

    Continuecreating the textures as you are, they are working well. If want to create a good 2d look. Create one ambient light. In the attributes for the light, set the ambient shade on the light to something very low or set it to zero. Both will work. Now when you render it you will have a flat looking 2d effect.

    You can enhance the effect by painting shadows onto the textures. So for example you could paint the cast shadow of a building onto the ground texture.

    If you need an outline for the models you can add one by selecting the object and under the rendering menuset go to Toon>apply new toonline, this can be edited to suit your desired look.

    Hope that helps, feel free to email me if you have any more questions and I will get back to you when I can.


  9. hey man this looks amazing, almost exacltly wat i had in my head wen u said uyou were going to be doin 3d buildings. as a still it works perfectly but kierens right about wen the camera moves. this mite not be an issue if the camerea only pans across however, no perspective. but i as u guys said that you didnt want to depend on outlines, perhaps another techique to look at to make it look even more 2d are ramp shaders which give at some points harsh shadows and in other cases if you wanted, 2d shading to 3d objects,kinda like wat they use on team fortress.

  10. as an actually 3 dimensional person i think it looks brilliant- well done! the only thing i would say (if you want my opinion..take it or leave it) is that the stone on the building could do with looking a bit weather-beaten to look more like sone and less metallic? love the shape and everything- really nice :)