"You better eat your veg or the pirates will get you!"

And so, here lies our blog documenting the tales of the Veggie Pirates. Follow us as we hack away at creating our graduation piece! We be a crew of five, of which you can find our personal blogs on this page. Enjoy!

Friday, 18 November 2011

FINALLY: An animatic!

So here's our animatic. Hopefully it's readable and understandable. Any questions, please feel free to ask.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Updated textures

Not the final textures, there might be some tweaking with colour schemes, etc. but I think this is roughly how we're wanting our 3D to look. Probably. Anyway, it looks a lot more 2D now thanks to some invaluable advice from Pat Imrie, Kieran Duncan and Finlay Pearston. Cheers guys.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Miaow miaow miaow

I'm very tired and can't think of relevant titles for blog posts right now. I can tell you however that I've finished modelling all the buildings for our 3D barrel roll running in place bonanza shot, and I've moved on to trying to work out how to UV map and texture. Not just any texturing either, I'm trying to make the buildings look like 2D images. Not quite as easy as I'd hoped. Here's how I'm currently doing:

All thoughts and feedback appreciated. Here's looking at you, 3D people. By which I mean fellow animator types who are proficient in 3D modelling, etc. Not just people who exist in three dimensions. Although all of you are also welcome to comment, of course. Ahem.

Production Report!

So, as far as production goes...we're getting there (passes out with terror). Finalised the timings of the animatic today so just need to collect a teeny bit of dialogue and we'll slap it on here.

At the moment we're getting through layouts (2D and 3D) and starting on key animation. We may be a bit late in the day starting animating however spending tons of time on story, characters and environment design is going to make it all the better! I think the five of us are heavily into these aspects and it's probably one of the only times we're going to get free reign in pre-production so I feel its been really worthwhile.

Being totally happy with the script etc, we're ready to get stuck in and get as much done before the Christmas break. We've set ourselves an ambitious task but we believe 'it's doable'. I can say that we will definitely be looking for Inbetweeners, Clean-up artists and Colourists. Before the holidays we'll hopefully be arranging a wee meeting just to find out who's all on board and what you'd like to do. We'll keep you informed of a time and date in a few weeks time, via a poster to entice you.

That's all for now =)

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Gummy Bear Model sheet
Water Gummy Model Sheet
Some usual gummy expressions that they usually express

A pretty rough turnaround of the bears on all fours

And some breakdowns to make your own bear =D