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Monday, 7 November 2011

Production Report!

So, as far as production goes...we're getting there (passes out with terror). Finalised the timings of the animatic today so just need to collect a teeny bit of dialogue and we'll slap it on here.

At the moment we're getting through layouts (2D and 3D) and starting on key animation. We may be a bit late in the day starting animating however spending tons of time on story, characters and environment design is going to make it all the better! I think the five of us are heavily into these aspects and it's probably one of the only times we're going to get free reign in pre-production so I feel its been really worthwhile.

Being totally happy with the script etc, we're ready to get stuck in and get as much done before the Christmas break. We've set ourselves an ambitious task but we believe 'it's doable'. I can say that we will definitely be looking for Inbetweeners, Clean-up artists and Colourists. Before the holidays we'll hopefully be arranging a wee meeting just to find out who's all on board and what you'd like to do. We'll keep you informed of a time and date in a few weeks time, via a poster to entice you.

That's all for now =)

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