"You better eat your veg or the pirates will get you!"

And so, here lies our blog documenting the tales of the Veggie Pirates. Follow us as we hack away at creating our graduation piece! We be a crew of five, of which you can find our personal blogs on this page. Enjoy!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tom Paxton: Model Citizen

So I've finished up work on the expression sheets, action sheets and lip sync shapes that were placed in my care, and now I've moved on to modelling some buildings for one of the more complicated shots in the film. It dawned on me as I opened Maya that this was the first time I had done any 3D since second year, and I had forgotten everything I had previously known about navigating the software. I seem to be picking it up okay now though, and with more than a little help from the wonderful Kieran Duncan ( http://kieranduncan.blogspot.com/ ) I can now present for you all a little sneak peak. No UV mapping or texturing as of yet, just a simple model based on Kat's absolutely stunning building designs. Any feedback is more than welcome, I don't really know what I'm doing...

Monday, 24 October 2011

I veggin love colouring

Been working on some colour scripts as well as colour palettes for the town. Tom P whipped up a few ways to colour the characters and we placed them on the background to see how it would work. We left out the character with solid black lines as he stood out too much, so just the one without lines (and a drop shadow) and the one with coloured lines was left.

However we're slightly torn between which one works best, that and the original colour palette for the town (the orange one) was causing the characters to blend in too much. After adjusting the colours a little, we ended up with this more pinkish reddish colour scheme.

So yeah, opinions on what works and what doesn't would be great!

Also some quick colourscripts to get a feel of things for each scene, still a fair few to do but they're really fun :)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Size comparison

Gummy Bears and wenchs will be added shortly.

Final character designs

Thought I'd get up our up to date since so much as changed since before Summer. We knew the characters were still jarring because we tried to design them together so decided Tom P's style was the look that suited best. Mostly anything Tom draws is just hilarious, especially the Captain.

So here be the model sheets!

"Captain" Artie Choke

"Burly" John Burlyman

"Drunky" Drunk girl (too drunk to remember her real name)

"Hipster" Caesar Saladé

Jake Finnigan