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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Updated textures

Not the final textures, there might be some tweaking with colour schemes, etc. but I think this is roughly how we're wanting our 3D to look. Probably. Anyway, it looks a lot more 2D now thanks to some invaluable advice from Pat Imrie, Kieran Duncan and Finlay Pearston. Cheers guys.


  1. Looks great man. Might be worth working on the textures a little more, I'd up them to at least 2048. Maybe add in some roof tiles, with that reddy clay colour. The roof looks a little wooden at the moment, unless that's what you're going for. I realise you probably wont ever see the roofs, but just for making of/showreel stuff it could be nice.

    Awesome stuff :)

  2. That looks great Tom, nice work. Really looking forward to seeing the final shot.


  3. Ahh looks fantastic Tom, nice work!