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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tom Paxton: Model Citizen

So I've finished up work on the expression sheets, action sheets and lip sync shapes that were placed in my care, and now I've moved on to modelling some buildings for one of the more complicated shots in the film. It dawned on me as I opened Maya that this was the first time I had done any 3D since second year, and I had forgotten everything I had previously known about navigating the software. I seem to be picking it up okay now though, and with more than a little help from the wonderful Kieran Duncan ( http://kieranduncan.blogspot.com/ ) I can now present for you all a little sneak peak. No UV mapping or texturing as of yet, just a simple model based on Kat's absolutely stunning building designs. Any feedback is more than welcome, I don't really know what I'm doing...


  1. You've already heard me sing my praises in the studio but I'll post it again here, it looks fantastic! :D Keep it up!

  2. Looking good Tom! Absolutely loving the design too, it's exactly how I pictured it looking in my head! Is this an important building in the animation, i.e. the brothel building, or is it a filler building? Either way it's wonderful, keep up the good work! More soon please! :D x

  3. Cheers, Lynne. It's just a filler building. Most of our backgrounds are going to be 2D but these are for a shot where the pirates run in place and the street passes around them as though they were running on a giant barrel. Pat recommended doing the shot in 3D and we figured he was probably right.