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Friday, 1 April 2011

What's gonna happen...

I want to tell stories. Or I want to HELP tell stories at least. All kinds of stories. I reckon storyboarding is the way to go.

This aspiration is why I'm undertaking the storyboarding on Veggie Pirates, and Kieran and Mark and kindly let me have a go at re-doing the storyboarding their film. It's also why my dissertation will be discussing storyboarding and storyboard artists. This will give me both hands-on practice at storyboarding while simultaneously studying the craft - studying and comparing artists such as Hayao Miyazaki, Chris Sanders, Bill Peet and of course, directly being able to talk with Wayne. Studying camera angles and so on in films (both live action and animated, being careful to choose the best examples), and sketching them down to get a feel for it. The Bruce Block book will no doubt be of great help, as will Hans Bacher's Dream Worlds (specifically for animation). 

For Veggie Pirates, I'll be animating as well. We'll be studying animated and live action film, observing and acting out. The tone of the film is slapstick and over the top, and yet still epic (in my mind anyway), so thinking about and sourcing the appropriate reference material  is crucial.

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