"You better eat your veg or the pirates will get you!"

And so, here lies our blog documenting the tales of the Veggie Pirates. Follow us as we hack away at creating our graduation piece! We be a crew of five, of which you can find our personal blogs on this page. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Lynseys Sketches!

Lynsey's been mostly working on our drunk girl, and some of the rest of the crew, behold!

I should mention the drunk girl only gets drunk on the olives and onions in some drinks, she gets through quite alot...

Cannon foot!

Some lovely drunk poses. Our burly man basically takes care of her in her drunken state, thought we'd have a funny relationship going on there, like he's always having to bail her out of her drunken mishaps.

Some sketches of the rest of the crew...


  1. Thank you for posting these! =D I'm such a lazy bum, I should've done this myself... and yuss, Bee Captain got in! \(^o^)/

  2. hahah i didnt even notice that! its awesome

  3. i am LOVING that mental looking captain next to bee captain. he looks like the perfect amount of crazy to be feeding prostitutes carrots and crashing ships into peoples kitchen walls. i am also loving drunk girl, fourth picture down (next to silhouette of pier), she's brilliant! i think the relationship between her and the big burly guy is fantastic, very good idea! keep it up guys, it's really looking good! xx