"You better eat your veg or the pirates will get you!"

And so, here lies our blog documenting the tales of the Veggie Pirates. Follow us as we hack away at creating our graduation piece! We be a crew of five, of which you can find our personal blogs on this page. Enjoy!

Friday, 25 March 2011


Just saw this sketch on Bobby Pontilla's blog and love the spindly legs, might be an idea to make the hipster's legs a bit more spindlier :D


  1. Hey, how are you guys going about your character design/animation etc. Are you all taking a character each and designing them or will there be one overall style i.e. Tom draws them all and you all practice his style? Just curious, cause you are all quite strong character designers yet you all have very definite distinct styles, how are you going to make them all fit together? x

  2. Well, we all chose a character to design and Suzanne put together a line up. Then we've all taken the line up and drawn the characters in our own ways. We're going to pick the designs that work best (obviously) then fit them all together to make them look similar.

    As Wayne was saying, it's mainly the eyes that need to be consistent.