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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Hipster Development...

So we've all decided to take a character each and have a final(ish) design.

Suzanne - Hipster
Tom P- The Captain
Kat - Burly Man
Lynsey - Drunk Girl
Tom G - Boy and Mum

We've all mixed and matched coming up with designs for a few of the characters so swapping sketchbooks and ideas towards the final designs is definitely helping.

Here is a couple of Lynsey's lovely sketches...

At first it was difficult for me to change anything cos I loved the design so much, but have managed to take the sketches I'd done earlier on and put them together. All I can do is try and see if I can come up with anything interesting...(first sketches were awful!)

There was something in this sketch that I liked below..

Some more sketches later...

Here I started to look at the way he might run. Lynsey had the idea of him always having his hands in his pockets cos hes such a cool cat, even when he runs. In my head, his shoulders laid back, head bobbing and hair bouncing with his legs really over exaggerated with their lankiness.

Started a rough model sheet. Gets increasingly half assed.. happy with the front view and profile view.. 3/4 view needs more development, especially arms and hands.

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  1. I love the one of him walking, even though he's really skinny it has a nice solid design to it and you can see the personality starting to come through :D
    I'm also thinking we should really overhaul the overall look of this blog soon at some point :) x