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Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Taking a break from Burly man, I've decided to take a little look at environments, so here are some really rough concepts for some of the parts of the animation. This is definitely something I want to get into more, because it's pretty fun and I find it really interesting. I can already see there's a lot of oranges and greens so maybe for the next lot I should focus on other colour palettes!

I wanted to create a contrast between the town the boy lives in and the town that the Pirate's start out in. For the boy's town I could see the colours and environments being really soft and homely, whereas the Pirate's town are all bright, bold and mismatched in terms of the shapes and angles. Definitely something I'll need to look into further when doing more concept art.

I've also been looking at the Avatar: The Last Airbender art of book for inspiration.. my goodness the art in that is gorgeous and the environments are simply beautiful because of the amount of detail. There's a quality in it that I like that would be good to investigate further for future concept work and I'll post scans along with more concept work once more has been done. :)


  1. The lighthouse piece is lovely. It looks how I had always imagined Leven......until I realised that it was actually a hostile Scooby Doo sea town :(

  2. Yeh, it's great to see how quickly you're improving!

  3. Hopefully by the next lot I'll be even better!

  4. These are awesome Kat!! :D Theyre all really dead on already haha.

    I love the pier, the colour is beautiful! And the seaside is looking really good, totally what I imagined :)