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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Character Design Update

Character Design!! Waohh!

Thought I'd wrap up whats happening at the moment with veggie character design. As Tom said earlier, we've all taken a sheet of the pirates, where we designed one character each.

Over the past week, we've been making changes individually to the pirates as a whole so we can have a well rounded decision on what works best.

We re-grouped yesterday and overall there are no major problems or changes in the designs at the moment. Shape wise, I think they're working well, a lot of nice contrasts. As we have a Peer Review this Friday 1st April, we thought it would be wise to get some outside feedback and show all our designs so we can round things off for this semester.

Not much works been done on the mum, as you only see the back of her and she barely moves.

These are some of the changes I made to the line up, mainly to the burly guy. I love the shape Kat's given him, the kind of lightbulb torso and the huge round arms. I just made his legs a bit bandier and his head bigger. I like the shape but the head needs work..

New version of the Hipster inspired by Bobby Pontilla's sketch.

And some burly heads...

Trying to get some action and expression sheets finished this week and update the animatic :)


  1. They've def got a lot character in them. Is the mum gonna be a lot like the one from Dexter's laboratory?

  2. Is there colour tests? I imagine the green colour scheme and theme through it all?

    If you need any adjustment layers in After Effects and all that jazz I'd be well up for helping and playing with that..

  3. Not sure what the mums gonna be like, probably pair shaped with jeans and normal mum clothes i guess.

    We've only done a couple of colour test, we're trying not to make them too obviously like vegetables i think so we'll probably have a range of colours. At the moment, anything to do with the pirates will be vibrant and full of life, all mis matched etc. And the countryside where the boy lives will be very desaturated and sort of lifeless i guess