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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Burly Movement Test

This is the burly man test, wanted to communicate a sense of weight in his movement, a short run then jump with some follow through animation.

All done in flash CS4, a mixture between 2's and 3's. I animated it on 3's so that the action would be a bit easier to study (lie: I actually have no idea why I did it) but the end is on 2's.


  1. So cool! Can really feel the weight in his upper body in the run, the posture looks great.

    Love how he brushes himself off lol

  2. looking amazing! his proportions remind me so much of the hulk, (film maybe good reference material?). the movement of his arms mid jump is phenomenal. very well done, more of this please! :) x

  3. hey, just came across your blog.

    Great stuff, I especially like the smoke/dust trail it looks really good.

    Nice character design too!