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Friday, 18 February 2011

Further Character Design

So, we've been having a few talks about our crew and at the moment we are having a burly guy, a drunken female pirate and our celery stick based pirate. At first we had ideas of him being a model, more flamboyant and maybe sleazy. After some chat we've decided on making him a bit of a hipster, that male model look, fashion conscience, trying to be different kind of guy.

Here are some inspirations down here...

Shape and flamboyant types

A bit more french and camp

Trying to take things from Lynsey's sketch and see if I can come with anything, has been fun development tho, jus need to keep goin..

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  1. Hey, I've got some links for the guy I was telling you about the other day, Lexxi Foxxx from Steel Panther, he's such a poser and spends more time doing his hair than he does playing guitar. The blonde guy in the final picture totally reminded me of him, same hair, same pout, that kinda thing. He's the one on the far left in this pic: http://bit.ly/g89FZQ and here's him in full pose mode: http://bit.ly/h8FSgP