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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Character Development 2

New; after certain character decisions were made (burly man, drunk girl, crazy captain, hipster)

Sorry for the layout, sometimes blogger doesn't let you click on the image to see full size (why?)
Also, be on the look out for camp spiderman. (As if being dressed in such Americana wasn't camp enough)


  1. The drawing of the ship is amazing! I love the hipster sketches, I think he should definitely wear a scarf or bow tie of some sort.

  2. Neckerchiefs! The boat is Suzanne's design, combined with the detail of the boats in the art of treasure planet. There are also cross-sections of boats in that book which could be quite useful.

  3. These are amazing!! :D Love the ship, think it should def have one mast, love how squishy it looks like a vegetable lol. I really love the characters that come out in your sketches, looks great!

    And yeah, he should have a neckerchief thing haha